Best synthetic urine for drug test

I got this message on facebook,from one of my readers. He failed his first drug test with Quick Fix synthetic urine (which is pretty rare) and now looking for a new solution.

Synthetic urine for drug test vs Detox Drinks

„whats going on bro just became a subscriber. herd u talking about sub solution and I’ve came across few years ago but didn’t want to try it out 1st of it was a supervised test for a job and secondly i also used quick fix synthetic urine,but failed the test when it went to the lab so that’s what scared me away from it so i turned to qcarbo20 detox drink but i was 19 days clean but been a smoker for ten years so wasn’t to confident in it. this is when qcarbo20 first came out in 2015 it says for 48 to 72 hours to stay clean i was already a few weeks clean so 2 or 3 days wasn’t nothing it worked i passed with flying colors just follow instruction to a tea but this is besides the point i have another test coming up so i ordered it again but i’ve only been 1day clean and my test is on thursday so i was researching found you, and I after reading your articles, I think I will go with Sub Solution synthetic urine. I don’t wanna risk losing this job.”

What are your thoughts?  Should I try detox drinks for drug test or go with synthetic urine instead?

I really like the synthetic urine reviews of this site:

But I am not sure how legit are they? Have you ever tried synthetic urine brands that they recommend?”

Sub Solution vs Quick Fix

best synthetic urine for drug testI would say Sub Solution synthetic urine is the safest choice possible. To be honest I have never heard anyone failing a drug test with Quick Fix, but if they search for some specific chemicals (must be a very expensive urine test), then they might can detect synthetic urine.

Again, using good quality fake urine for drug test is VERY safe, but shit happens. If you listen to me, just go with sub solution, much safer then using detox drinks for drug test. if you still decide to use detox drinks, then I suggest: Mega Clean, Rescue cleanse or Absolute detox.

Mega Clean comes with pre rid tablets (toxin rid) that’s what makes it the best detox drink on the market. I wouldn’t recommend Stinger,Qcarbo,Rely detox or any other low quality crap.

Powdered urine Kit

Another message from Facebook:

„Powdered urine is my go to method for unsupervised screens. I use 2 of the slim and flat kind of Asprin bottles tucked up under my nuts and tight underwear to hold it in place nicely well before I get there. The temp is always perfect in my case doing it that way and there is nothing in my pockets besides my wallet going in„

I am not sure if he is referring to testclear’s real human powdered urine or to Sub Solution powdered synthetic urine. Both are good, what makes sub solution better is it comes with heat activator powder. just add the 1/3 of the powder to the urine and it will reach the right temperature within a few seconds, if its not warm enough you can add a bit more, very easy to use, you cant screw it. The flask has a built in thermometer so you can always see the urine’s temperature. When it shows green light, you are ready to submit the urine sample.

Best synthetic urine for drug test

Long story short, my personal opinion is Sub Solution is still the best synthetic urine in 2017. The only reason I would switch from Sub Solution to Quick Fix is the availability. Quick Fix is available in most smoke shops, while Sub Solution is only available online. Monkey Whizz and Testclear’s Powdered urine kit are both would work too. Feel free to check out some more synthetic urine review to get familiar with the. Read more about fake urine in the linked blog.

The Attempts of Controlling Drug Abuse. And Government Spending. Our World’s in Financial Ruins

Since the early 60’s, there have been war on drug abuse. It’s hard to believe it’s been going on for this length of time, it hasn’t been that long ago that they weren’t heard of.
On one side of this conflict of the drug war are a number of international groups that’s highly organized in dealing with this problem. The criminal network has spent millions of dollars to try to control the manufacturing, distribution and sell of this illegal drug.

illegal drugs
On the other side of the drug war are governments who create an enormous demand for drugs. Organizations, commissioners, bureaus, and some agencies, their attacks of arsenals are advertising, reports, pamphlets, and media. And their doing this in the name of “legislation, and experimental purposes, all of these factors combined, who’s paying for this, our children.

You can experiment on medicines, you can experiment on rodents, you can experiment on how a crow flies, but come on, all this media mess has got our children and families hooked, now the government is out more millions trying to get them un-hooked, these drug rehabs doesn’t always work, you have offenders returning to the facility more than a few times. Which means, more money being spent.

Lets put the blame where it belongs. That is like cigarette and alcohol abuse, look where the thought came from, T.V. commercial’s, advertisements on billboards, news papers. They glamorize the ad to show the fun side, but why don’t they show the other side of the picture, where your hung over with a splitting headache, vomiting your guts out, driving and drinking, hit and run accidents. And look what the government is putting out in cost, most people does not have insurance therefore who is it costing?

Your right, tax payers And the government, it’s a vicious cycle, the government distributes the adds, condones the sale and now having to pick up the tab. Serves them right for allowing the sale in the first place.

Our government has been off base with spending for the past fifty years, putting us deeper and deeper in debt. Their unknowledgeable thrifty spending has us morally and financially in ruins. We can’t comprehend just how much money that has been squandered on foolish commodities that has not benefited the Americans.
Then we go to overseas spending, how much have we sent to foreign countries to establish world peace by giving away America’s money. Our leaders need to go back and take a look and see who’˜s at fault here.

What will these countries do when we can’t support them, do you think they will come to our aide? If they had financial means of self supporting, we would still have our finances, these foreign countries would be of no use to the United States of America.

We best be aware of this worlds economy and start economizing ourselves or we are going under. Our world’s spending has caused a crisis and will get no better, we need to make ready and provide for the time when the world will be financially bankrupt.
source, mine..Mildred windham

Why smoking weed should be legal everywhere

I do belive smoking weed or smoking any natural herb should be legal, not just in the United States , but everywhere in the world. There are countries where if you get caught with weed then you will face with long years in prison, sometimes without a real trial, they just lock you down and after 2-3 years your trial will begin.

These are Thailand, Philippines or Indonesia. Smoking weed is not more harmful than drinking aloochol. If drinking beer at home or in the bar is legal, then smoking weed at home should too.

Just because you are high it doesn’t mean you are harmful, doesn’t mean you will cause trouble it Shouldn’t have any negative meaning.

The problem is, weed stays in your system for up to 30 days, while alcohol leaves your system within hours, so even if smoking marijuana is legal in your state you will get caught on the drug test easily because, lets say you smoked some pot at friday night at home with your friends, its not harmful and also 100% legal, but two weeks later on thursday marijuana will still be present in your system.

If they drug test you and even if smoking weed is legal in certain states of the United States, the federal law says its still illegal, so if they find THC (or any other drug metabolites) in your system then you are busted.

marijuana buds

Thats why I always suggest to everyone to buy a bottle of sub solution synthetic urine and keep in your desk, just in case. A random drug test can be a pain in the ass if you are not prepared. The other reason is to buy one or two bottles fake pee earlier because its not available in most smoke shops, and if its available, you can be sure its low quality.

You don’t want to use magnum or U pass synthetic urine on your drug test, trust me…funny, but only these low quality brands are available in headshops.

So smoking, growing and having weed should be 100% legal anywhere in the world and drug testing should be stopped right now, because I belive its illegal and they invade my privacy with this. I also don’t want to be labelled as ” drug user” just because I smoke some pot on friday night. Sign the online petition to legalaize cannabis in every state of the United States of America.

Other ways to pass a drug test

Drugs can be a small part of life and if you have developed an addiction for certain substances, then you should start focusing on losing the habit and becoming a better, more organized human being.

However, if you do drugs simply as just a weekend hobby, then losing your job over it would seem downright ridiculous, especially if you used a long time ago and the metabolites have remained in your system for all this time. Don’t let a drug test ruin your chances of having an extraordinary career. Don’t let a small mistake become the reason of your decline. If you don’t want to use synthetic urine for drug test as I suggested in my previous post then, read the following remedies to learn how to pass a urine drug test.

These steps are not very difficult to incorporate in your life but will definitely help you with the process of beating a urine drug test for favorable results.

Take a diuretic – a diuretic like midol will help your body get rid of the water and sodium which will flush out the metabolites. There are many natural alternatives to midol like cranberry juice, coffee etc. but they are not as effective and quick as midol.

Flush your body of its toxins naturally – by consuming lots of fluids, you can flush out more water out of your body which will also flush out these metabolites from your system. It is possible that in the process, you can urinate away the essential nutrients of your body as well so instead of using regular water for the process, you can use vitamin water, energy drinks, tea, and other healthy fluids for a healthy flush.

Consume zinc – zinc is known to be able to mask the presence of metabolites in your urine stream by directing them to your anal tract instead. Get a bottle of zinc sulfate tablets from the nearby pharmacy and take two on the night before the test. Do not take more than this because it can be harmful for your system in excessive quantities.

Exercise everyday till the day of the test – exercising improves metabolism process of the body which aids in detoxification. Exercising also causes the body to sweat a lot which is a good way to release all the toxins through the skin pores instead of depending completely on the urinary bladder.

Urinate often before the urine drug test – urinate a lot before the test. This will flush out as many metabolites as possible so that you do not have many in your urine sample. This will increase the chances of passing the urine drug test.

How to pass a urine drug test? You now know how you can do it. Stay calm and relaxed so that no one can suspect your fear and look more carefully into your tests and history. Drink fluids, detoxify, and keep your composure to effectively pass a urine drug test for weed. If you are looking for faster results, cleaning your system in 24 hours or less, then check out this step by step guide.

Have an upcoming urine drug test? (No synthetic urine)

For those people who do drugs, passing a pre employment drug test can be quite an ordeal. Why should one be judged for what they ingest as a part of weekend fun instead of their skill set? Is the only way to get a job and remain employed to leave all your drug habits, no matter how occasionally you do it?

Fortunately, there are ways to keep your love for your favorite substances and also get a job – to cheat a drug test and get favorable results. If you have a urine drug test coming up soon enough and have smoked weed, sniffed cocaine or had a bout with the crystal, here are some ways to clear your system up so you can clear a urine drug test.

Please note, these alone are not enough to pass a drug test. I recommend the following methods with Toxin Rid detox pills. These methods alone WON’T be enough!. If you don’t want to be clean just to pass the test as fast as possible without taking any risk ,then  synthetic urine is the way to go!

how to pass a urine test

Drink lots of fluids – drinking lots of fluids will make your body urinate more often which will help you get rid of as many toxins as possible. It is a sure shot method to get rid of the metabolites from your system. Drink lots of water and juices to produce more urine and detox your system.

Take some aspirin tablets – aspirin is a way to buy you more time. By consuming four to six tablets of aspirins up to four hours prior to the urine drug test, you can increase the potential of getting a false negative greatly. In fact, by consuming this much aspirin, you will almost surely generate a false negative!

Urinate a lot – go to the bathroom and empty your bladder as much as possible before the test. If you urinate many times, you will rid your body of a good number of metabolites before you actually collect the sample for your test.

Exercise a week before the test – exercising can help you detoxify your system by making your body sweat. Sweating is a great way to get rid of these toxins through the pores of your skin since the urinary bladder has a limit to how many toxins it can actually release. Exercise for a week till the day of the test to ensure that you have detoxified your system.

Eat healthy for a week before the test – eat healthy foods so your body doesn’t get low on nutrients. Eat fruits, nuts, lots of vegetables which will help your body get healthier and rid itself of the toxins.

Don’t collect the whole stream of the urine – when urinating into the cup, make sure that you let half of the stream fall into the toilet bowl and collect the end of the stream urine which will contain less metabolites.

It is possible to increase the chances of passing a urine drug test if you have enough days to prepare for it. Just stay healthy till the time of the test and you will know how to pass a urine drug test.

Does Synthetic Urine Really Help You Pass a Drug Test

Since passing drug tests have been quite important for various people in various places like in sports, schools, colleges, workplaces and other institutions to detect the use of various substances like marijuana or cocaine, steroids or any other drugs, synthetic urine has made its way to be a popular choice to be a way to pass the test.

So does it really help?

As the time goes, it is quite obvious now that synthetic urine can for sure fake a urine test. It can definitely help you through the test and pass it without any other issues. A lot of people have been successfully relying on the synthetic urine in the time of need and they are also benefited by the same. However, it is a very risky business and if in any case you are caught using the synthetic urine; the consequence can be really bad depending on the place you are using it.

As the technology improves, tests are becoming more and more sophisticated, tricky as well as sensitive. Therefore, to get the best result out of your synthetic urine, you need to make sure that you are using the right quality fake pee with the right kind of substances in it. Here are a few ways you can determine the quality of the synthetic urine –

  • The pH level should be normal – between 4.8 – 8
  • It must contain Uric acid.
  • The fake piss must contain urea.
  • It also must contain nitrates.
  • The synthetic urine must be of the correct temperature – 90 to 100 degree F or 32 to 36 degree C.
  • The gravity of the urine must be of normal and specific gravity.
  • It must have the normal human urine smell and it must foam naturally.
  • Discretion.

Using  synthetic urine for drug tests to pass the same is a good idea or sure, but you must make sure that you aren’t making any mistakes on the same.