I do belive smoking weed or smoking any natural herb should be legal, not just in the United States , but everywhere in the world. There are countries where if you get caught with weed then you will face with long years in prison, sometimes without a real trial, they just lock you down and after 2-3 years your trial will begin.

These are Thailand, Philippines or Indonesia. Smoking weed is not more harmful than drinking aloochol. If drinking beer at home or in the bar is legal, then smoking weed at home should too.

Just because you are high it doesn’t mean you are harmful, doesn’t mean you will cause trouble it Shouldn’t have any negative meaning.

The problem is, weed stays in your system for up to 30 days, while alcohol leaves your system within hours, so even if smoking marijuana is legal in your state you will get caught on the drug test easily because, lets say you smoked some pot at friday night at home with your friends, its not harmful and also 100% legal, but two weeks later on thursday marijuana will still be present in your system.

If they drug test you and even if smoking weed is legal in certain states of the United States, the federal law says its still illegal, so if they find THC (or any other drug metabolites) in your system then you are busted.

marijuana buds

Thats why I always suggest to everyone to buy a bottle of sub solution synthetic urine and keep in your desk, just in case. A random drug test can be a pain in the ass if you are not prepared. The other reason is to buy one or two bottles fake pee earlier because its not available in most smoke shops, and if its available, you can be sure its low quality.

You don’t want to use magnum or U pass synthetic urine on your drug test, trust me…funny, but only these low quality brands are available in headshops.

So smoking, growing and having weed should be 100% legal anywhere in the world and drug testing should be stopped right now, because I belive its illegal and they invade my privacy with this. I also don’t want to be labelled as ” drug user” just because I smoke some pot on friday night. Sign the online petition to legalaize cannabis in every state of the United States of America.

Why smoking weed should be legal everywhere
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