Drug epidemic is one serious thing that needs to be discussed to prevent it from happening. Drug epidemic is addiction and overdose of drugs that can lead to deaths due to overdose.drugs overdose has been happening all over the world gradual from a long time before. In the past few years, however, drug epidemic has been increasing over time because of many reasons and how we can curb that.

Opioids are medicine used to relieve pain, and when abused they are dangerous and can lead to fatalities. This is one of the reasons increase in drug abuse. Doctors overprescribe instead of finding alternatives to release pain.

Legalization of drugs
With some countries legalizing drugs the epidemic in that country is higher than in other countries because the drugs are easily available in the street.

Peer pressure
Peer pressure this itself is one other main reason. When one person in a group of friends abuses a drug, the other will want to try to feel.

Stress can make someone slip into drug abuse by continuously drinking alcohol to console self. Someone can slip into alcoholism which drug abuse without knowing.

 Effects of the drug epidemic

Death due to overdose
When a substance is abused for a long time regardless of how it is taken, it has a harmful effect on the body, and when one uses more than required, it can result in death. Most of the death can be because of heart attack or stroke.
Death due to infections
When an abuser injects themselves with the drug, usually they share unsterile needles which can cause infection in the blood like HIV and AIDS.

Financial constraints.
When an abuser becomes an addict, they will do anything to get the drug even if it means depleting their finances
Some drugs can cause depression to the user after long use, and we know that depression can lead to death.

This is the urge always to want more and more of the drug.

Legal Consequences

Drug and alcohol abuse not only has adverse effects on your health but can also have a legal effect. If found one can be arrested and prosecuted and taken to prison.

Excessive drug intake can lead to damage of internal organs which is harmful to someone.

If you use drugs or alcohol and drive chances of causing an accident are very high. Such an accident can lead to death or injuries.


No one wants to employ a drug addict so to get a job will be hard which can be depressing which will lead to more abuse of drugs a

Drug epidemic is a big challenge that keeps growing day by day and it is important to find ways to curb it before it worsens.Fact: In March 2018 research showed that Every day, more than 115 people in the United States die after overdosing on opioids. The misuse of addiction to opioids including prescription pain relievers, heroin, and synthetic opioids

The Drug Epidemic