Since the early 60’s, there have been war on drug abuse. It’s hard to believe it’s been going on for this length of time, it hasn’t been that long ago that they weren’t heard of.
On one side of this conflict of the drug war are a number of international groups that’s highly organized in dealing with this problem. The criminal network has spent millions of dollars to try to control the manufacturing, distribution and sell of this illegal drug.

illegal drugs
On the other side of the drug war are governments who create an enormous demand for drugs. Organizations, commissioners, bureaus, and some agencies, their attacks of arsenals are advertising, reports, pamphlets, and media. And their doing this in the name of “legislation, and experimental purposes, all of these factors combined, who’s paying for this, our children.

You can experiment on medicines, you can experiment on rodents, you can experiment on how a crow flies, but come on, all this media mess has got our children and families hooked, now the government is out more millions trying to get them un-hooked, these drug rehabs doesn’t always work, you have offenders returning to the facility more than a few times. Which means, more money being spent.

Lets put the blame where it belongs. That is like cigarette and alcohol abuse, look where the thought came from, T.V. commercial’s, advertisements on billboards, news papers. They glamorize the ad to show the fun side, but why don’t they show the other side of the picture, where your hung over with a splitting headache, vomiting your guts out, driving and drinking, hit and run accidents. And look what the government is putting out in cost, most people does not have insurance therefore who is it costing?

Your right, tax payers And the government, it’s a vicious cycle, the government distributes the adds, condones the sale and now having to pick up the tab. Serves them right for allowing the sale in the first place.

Our government has been off base with spending for the past fifty years, putting us deeper and deeper in debt. Their unknowledgeable thrifty spending has us morally and financially in ruins. We can’t comprehend just how much money that has been squandered on foolish commodities that has not benefited the Americans.
Then we go to overseas spending, how much have we sent to foreign countries to establish world peace by giving away America’s money. Our leaders need to go back and take a look and see who’˜s at fault here.

What will these countries do when we can’t support them, do you think they will come to our aide? If they had financial means of self supporting, we would still have our finances, these foreign countries would be of no use to the United States of America.

We best be aware of this worlds economy and start economizing ourselves or we are going under. Our world’s spending has caused a crisis and will get no better, we need to make ready and provide for the time when the world will be financially bankrupt.
source, mine..Mildred windham

The Attempts of Controlling Drug Abuse. And Government Spending. Our World’s in Financial Ruins