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You have probably heard about the sure jell drug test method, it’s also called the Certo method. This method has very mixed reviews, I know two guys who failed with this method. There are numbers of videos on youtube and blog posts all over the internet and they all describe the Certo method slightly differently. It’s really hard to decide which one to choose, because every guy says ” This is how to do it, if you do not follow the instructions, you will fail and blame yourself”.

So in Video A they say you need to drink two packets of Certo and urinate 3 times before the drug test, In video B they say one packet only with a Gatorade, in video C two packets, one on the night before the test and one right before the test, it also mention the use of B12 vitamin. So as you can see the directions are very different and since we all have different bodies and different metabolites it’s really hard to decide which one is correct and which one is false.

Certo Method Instructions From One Of My Reader

Okay guys, I am not saying this method doesn’t work because many have had success with the sure jell method, but I still have no idea which method is correct and I still don’t understand why would anyone use Certo when there are bulletproof ways to pass a drug test, such as Synthetic urine, Detox drinks or detox pills like Toxin Rid.

I got an email from one of my readers, I will copy and paste it here without editing anything, use it or not use it, the choice is yours:

This is definitely biased. People don’t use it in the right way. It’s a fact that fruit pectin pushes your nutrients out through your colon and not your urine. I have done my own research, and have found that I’ve passed over 10 tests with the sure jell. Everyone’s bodies work differently, and people have a higher metabolism than others. Everyone’s window of being “clean” varies. They say you wait 2-3 hours but I can piss cleanly in 30 minutes after taking it.

Ive experimented doing that just a day or two or smoking dab every day. Peoples detection time really just varies. Thankfully I was cautious and smart before walking into the actual drug test, to test how it worked on me before risking my freedom. You people should give it more work and dedication like me if you actually care about passing your test. From all my research, I’ve concluded time after time that sure jell worked. I did fail one test, and that was with the certo, the certo tends to be less powerful than the sure jell because it is in liquid form. The powder has more substance to it when added to the drink. Also, People think that you can take one pack of it, and go in and take a drug test right after smoking. It doesn’t do that. You have to at least give yourself a couple of days, or a week before the drug test.

THIS IS IMPORTANT. You have to take the sure jell as a detox supplement!! Not just as a dilution method.. you use it to also speed up the process of getting THC out of your system. It pushes nutrients out of you quicker. I took the sure jell for a week after smoking heavy for a year, and taking it alone got me clean on a drug test without using any dilution. If you play your cards right, and quit ahead of time, for the planned time and date, it works every single time. Don’t forget! Use it as a detox, AND a dilution supplement. You also should be mixing in detox pills from Walmart, and b-12, but it still does the same process either way. I can say all of this is the truth. People, trust everything I said! I am on probation with a year of time over my head, and I rely on this process.

Sure Jell Drug Test Method (Certo)
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