Drugs can be a small part of life and if you have developed an addiction for certain substances, then you should start focusing on losing the habit and becoming a better, more organized human being.

However, if you do drugs simply as just a weekend hobby, then losing your job over it would seem downright ridiculous, especially if you used a long time ago and the metabolites have remained in your system for all this time. Don’t let a drug test ruin your chances of having an extraordinary career. Don’t let a small mistake become the reason of your decline. If you don’t want to use synthetic urine for drug test as I suggested in my previous post then, read the following remedies to learn how to pass a urine drug test.

These steps are not very difficult to incorporate in your life but will definitely help you with the process of beating a urine drug test for favorable results.

Take a diuretic – a diuretic like midol will help your body get rid of the water and sodium which will flush out the metabolites. There are many natural alternatives to midol like cranberry juice, coffee etc. but they are not as effective and quick as midol.

Flush your body of its toxins naturally – by consuming lots of fluids, you can flush out more water out of your body which will also flush out these metabolites from your system. It is possible that in the process, you can urinate away the essential nutrients of your body as well so instead of using regular water for the process, you can use vitamin water, energy drinks, tea, and other healthy fluids for a healthy flush.

Consume zinc – zinc is known to be able to mask the presence of metabolites in your urine stream by directing them to your anal tract instead. Get a bottle of zinc sulfate tablets from the nearby pharmacy and take two on the night before the test. Do not take more than this because it can be harmful for your system in excessive quantities.

Exercise everyday till the day of the test – exercising improves metabolism process of the body which aids in detoxification. Exercising also causes the body to sweat a lot which is a good way to release all the toxins through the skin pores instead of depending completely on the urinary bladder.

Urinate often before the urine drug test – urinate a lot before the test. This will flush out as many metabolites as possible so that you do not have many in your urine sample. This will increase the chances of passing the urine drug test.

How to pass a urine drug test? You now know how you can do it. Stay calm and relaxed so that no one can suspect your fear and look more carefully into your tests and history. Drink fluids, detoxify, and keep your composure to effectively pass a urine drug test for weed. If you are looking for faster results, cleaning your system in 24 hours or less, then check out this step by step guide.

Other ways to pass a drug test
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