Last week The Reefer Report hosted the first official Medical Marijuana Art Revolt in Haxtun, Colorado. While some people had a problem with the striking quotes on the old police station in this town of 1,000, some offered words of encouragement.
“Painting historical quotes on my building was a huge learning experience for me,” says Angela, host of the event and producer of The Reefer Report, a medical marijuana focused internet program.

“I was surprised when people started telling me what to put on the building, and what not to put on it. I assumed in such a conservative part of the state that more people would understand the rights afforded to everyone under the U.S. Constitution, but some people really felt it was their place to tell me what to do with my building. Stangely, this town cranks out the air-raid siren four times a day, six days a week, and people are unhappy with some quotes on a building?”

Medical Marijuana

“In an attempt to show what is happening to our rights, I painted the building white in the middle of the night. Some people were very confused by this, but it was done to signify what is happening to our rights- they are disappearing, and some people are happy to see that happen.”

Angela adds that this event started out as a protest of the effects created by the recently passed HB 10-1284, in addition to a local ordinance passed in the town banning dispensaries. “I find it very disturbing for a town’s elected officials to completely ignore the consitutional rights of any group of people. For the town council to hold an ’emergency’ meeting to make a decision that will impact all the patients in the town without any public input first is horribly discriminatory and inconsiderate.

If the majority in the town agrees they don’t want any distribution centers here, or any grow facilities then that’s one thing, but to just make the choice without public input makes the whole thing look a little shady. The fact that anyone is okay with this type of government is more disturbing to me than any of the dirty looks people have given me for standing up for what I believe in.”

On this even we will also talk about legal problems of drug testing at work, why are we forced to use such products as detox pills or synthetic urine to pass drug test while these substances are legal in our states.

Medical Marijuana Art Revolt: Raising Awareness of Our History
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