Since passing drug tests have been quite important for various people in various places like in sports, schools, colleges, workplaces and other institutions to detect the use of various substances like marijuana or cocaine, steroids or any other drugs, synthetic urine has made its way to be a popular choice to be a way to pass the test.

So does it really help?

As the time goes, it is quite obvious now that synthetic urine can for sure fake a urine test. It can definitely help you through the test and pass it without any other issues. A lot of people have been successfully relying on the synthetic urine in the time of need and they are also benefited by the same. However, it is a very risky business and if in any case you are caught using the synthetic urine; the consequence can be really bad depending on the place you are using it.

As the technology improves, tests are becoming more and more sophisticated, tricky as well as sensitive. Therefore, to get the best result out of your synthetic urine, you need to make sure that you are using the right quality fake pee with the right kind of substances in it. Here are a few ways you can determine the quality of the synthetic urine –

  • The pH level should be normal – between 4.8 – 8
  • It must contain Uric acid.
  • The fake piss must contain urea.
  • It also must contain nitrates.
  • The synthetic urine must be of the correct temperature – 90 to 100 degree F or 32 to 36 degree C.
  • The gravity of the urine must be of normal and specific gravity.
  • It must have the normal human urine smell and it must foam naturally.
  • Discretion.

Using  synthetic urine for drug tests to pass the same is a good idea or sure, but you must make sure that you aren’t making any mistakes on the same.

Does Synthetic Urine Really Help You Pass a Drug Test