I got this message on facebook, from one of my readers. He failed his first drug test with Quick Fix synthetic urine (which is pretty rare) and now looking for a new solution.

Synthetic urine for drug test vs Detox Drinks

„whats going on bro just became a subscriber. herd u talking about sub solution and I’ve came across few years ago but didn’t want to try it out 1st of it was a supervised test for a job and secondly i also used quick fix synthetic urine,but failed the test when it went to the lab so that’s what scared me away from it so i turned to qcarbo20 detox drink but i was 19 days clean but been a smoker for ten years so wasn’t to confident in it. this is when qcarbo20 first came out in 2015 it says for 48 to 72 hours to stay clean i was already a few weeks clean so 2 or 3 days wasn’t nothing it worked i passed with flying colors just follow instruction to a tea but this is besides the point i have another test coming up so i ordered it again but i’ve only been 1day clean and my test is on thursday so i was researching found you, and I after reading your articles, I think I will go with Sub Solution synthetic urine. I don’t wanna risk losing this job.”

What are your thoughts?  Should I try detox drinks for drug test or go with synthetic urine instead?

I really like the synthetic urine reviews of this site:

But I am not sure how legit are they? Have you ever tried synthetic urine brands that they recommend?”

Sub Solution vs Quick Fix

Sub Solution vs Quick Fix

I would say Sub Solution synthetic urine is the safest choice possible. To be honest, I have never heard anyone failing a drug test with Quick Fix, but if they search for some specific chemicals (must be a very expensive urine test), then they might detect synthetic urine.

Again, using good quality fake urine for drug test is VERY safe, but shit happens. If you listen to me, just go with sub solution, much safer then using detox drinks for drug test. if you still decide to use detox drinks, then I suggest: Mega Clean, Rescue cleanse or Absolute detox.

Mega Clean comes with pre rid tablets (toxin rid) that’s what makes it the best detox drink on the market. I wouldn’t recommend Stinger, Qcarbo, Rely detox or any other low-quality crap.

Powdered urine Kit

Another message from Facebook:

„Powdered urine is my go to method for unsupervised screens. I use 2 of the slim and flat kind of Asprin bottles tucked up under my nuts and tight underwear to hold it in place nicely well before I get there. The temp is always perfect in my case doing it that way and there is nothing in my pockets besides my wallet going in„

I am not sure if he is referring to test clears real human powdered urine or to Sub Solution powdered synthetic urine. Both are good, what makes sub solution better is it comes with heat activator powder. just add the 1/3 of the powder to the urine and it will reach the right temperature within a few seconds, if it’s not warm enough you can add a bit more, very easy to use, you can’t screw it. The flask has a built-in thermometer so you can always see the urine’s temperature. When it shows a green light, you are ready to submit the urine sample.

Best synthetic urine for a drug test

Long story short, my personal opinion is Sub Solution is still the best synthetic urine in 2019. The only reason I would switch from Sub Solution to Quick Fix is the availability. Quick Fix is available in most smoke shops, while Sub Solution is only available online. Monkey Whizz and Testclear’s Powdered urine kit are both would work too. Feel free to check out some more synthetic urine review to get familiar with them. Read more about fake urine in the linked blog.

Update 2019.Aug.20: There is a new synthetic urine brand on the market its called Quick Luck synthetic urine, the manufacturer is Clear Choice, the same company who makes Sub Solution urine, I have never tried myself, but from what I read it looks like an improved version of Sub Solution urine. It contains even more chemicals and it’s premixed urine, I don’t think it was a big issue to mix urine powder with water in a flask, but for those who don’t want to mess with it, Quick Luck is definitely an option. It also comes with heat activator plus with handwarmer so you have the choice, for all these extras you have to pay 100$, 20 bucks more than for Sub Solution.

Best synthetic urine for drug test