My journey began as the smoke drifted over us like storm clouds. The incense was irritating my eyes but the smell seemed to calm me down. Now that I think about it, I was real calm. Lying on the couch, I looked over to see Mary giggling on the table, drifting off into random conversation with Jane. I still couldn’t believe it. The most popular girls at school were actually at my house, relaxing, making me feeling good. It was getting late. My eyes remained low as I gazed at the red numbers on the clock.

I wondered if their parents knew where they were. Did they have curfew like me? I kept quiet. I didn’t want to kill the mood they had set. Mom could have walked in on us at any moment but there we were, not a care in the world. Laughing, I was thought of the bragging rights I finally had. Nonetheless, I knew I had to get them out of there. As slow as I could, I announced that I was tried and wanted to go to bed. Knowing that there was going to be many other times to hang out, I escorted them out. Lying back down, I notice their sweet perfume still lingering on my bed sheets.
My friends were obviously jealous. By the end of our lunch period, they all wanted to know Mary and Jane. After my retelling of the sedative journey, some of the kids asked if they can come over my house, pleading that they just wanted to see them. However some lied, boasting that they’ve already had done so. I didn’t care. I had such a good time with those two that all I cared about was our next encounter.

I remember opening the door and mom showing me the green hand bag Jane had left the previous night. My face was as red as my eyes as I tried to deny any wrong doing. “It’s not mine, mom” I pleaded, “It’s my friend’s; from school.” Until that day, I never saw my mother so upset over something I thought was so little. I wasn’t going to waste time explaining what had happened. Even as a parent whose been through it all, I knew she would never understand my reasoning. Nonetheless, as upset as my mother was, I wanted to see Mary and Jane again. I couldn’t get them out of my mind. They helped me escape the rainy days. They let me breathe. I was a recreational lover. I was finally in love.. I was Inebriated by the storm clouds.

My journey ended as soon as the smoke cleared and my eyes opened wide. I began to see what these broads were doing me, to other people. I wasn’t the only one head over heels for these whores. I didn’t go on a journey with Mary and Jane. Allowing them to envelop my attention, I saw nothing but a blur. Like weeds, they grew onto anyone susceptible enough. They stole their breath from us but they made us feel good but never good enough. No longer needing to escape one journey for another, I chose to accept the one that anticipated the other.

A Journey into Her Counter-Culture